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Family Law

Divorce - There’s no denying that divorce is stressful, exacting an emotional toll. That’s why we know you’ll appreciate having an expert legal advocate on your side — one who not only knows the law but who also understands the pressures you face and can treat you with compassion.

Separation Agreement - Competent legal representation is one of the best ways to ensure that an equitable separation agreement can be reached between two parties whose relationship is strained and yet may not be deemed ready to end permanently.

Alimony - The legal right to collect alimony, or spousal support, can mean the difference between a life of greater comfort and security and one filled with day-to-day struggles to make ends meet. Our family law  attorneys can help you claim the support that is rightfully yours when your marriage ends.

Property Settlement Agreements - You’ll definitely want to work with a legal professional who understands the legal and personal ramifications of property settlement agreements and who will work tirelessly to arrange a fair and just division of property for every client.

Visitation - Whether you need to petition for visitation rights with your children or want to be sure that safe, secure supervised visitation can be arranged with the non-custodial parent, our caring and compassionate team can help.

Child Custody and Visitation Disputes - Matters that concern the custody of children or that arise from disagreements about visitation can be highly volatile, eliciting strong emotions on both sides. You’ll need a legal representative who can inject reason and balance into the dispute while fighting for the best interests of both client and child.

Child Support Disputes (Custodial and Non-Custodial) - An issue that impacts the survival, comfort and security of children while strongly affecting the lives of both parents, child support, and the often vitriolic disputes it creates demand a wise, balanced approach that yields an equitable solution for all.

Contempt - In cases of contempt of a family court order or proceeding, our legal experts are highly skilled at unraveling and effectively handling the issues that can block the smooth, efficient disposition of your family law case.

Business & Property Valuation - Careful and accurate appraisal of real and business property is essential when dealing with any family law related business or personal real estate matter. Our business and property valuation experts are dedicated to offering our clients the help they need to successfully sort through these critical issues.

Prenuptial Agreements - A skilled attorney can help smooth the way to a mutually agreeable prenuptial agreement that can get your marriage off to a healthier financial start. A fair agreement that’s acceptable to both partners can help reduce tensions and let the newlyweds focus on enjoying each other and their new life together.

Postnuptial Agreements - When a postnuptial agreement becomes necessary, our discreet and tactful family law attorneys can guide you and your spouse in drawing up a document that’s fair to both and that can help ensure your provision for those you care about.

Retirement & Pension Distribution - Retirement and pension regulations can be complex, which makes the help and guidance of an experienced retirement attorney one of your most valuable assets.


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